Friday, May 06, 2016

Discharged and At Home

Yesterday was a lovely day and today is another gorgeous day. We are expecting warmer than normal temperatures today and tomorrow. Thank goodness we had a good rain on Wednesday afternoon.


I started a post yesterday and then left for work before it was finished. I was thinking of when the Spousal Unit would be discharged from the hospital and was worried if he was well enough or not.
At work we were short staffed and really busy. Dusting, tidying, and serving customers was the order of the day. It was nice to keep busy mentally and physically.
I got word just before I was finished work that the Spousal Unit was being discharged from the hospital. Perfect as I didn't work today. We had to go and get his prescription filled, have some supper and relax a bit before we went to bed. He was one super excited person to be coming home.
Today, he has puttered a bit in the yard, rested, and got some tomato cages. He will rest this afternoon. I will sew and do laundry.
Our small Weigela bush is in full bloom and beautiful to look at.
The weigela we planted last fall is loaded with buds and should be in bloom next week.


I did some shopping on Wednesday between my shifts (I worked a split shift so I could go and see the Spousal Unit twice). I did up the Bargain Center as a bunch of fabric was discounted from $5.00 to $3.00/meter and some that was 60% went to $4.00/meter.

The first piece is satin, the next four are cottons and the last two are broadcloth. All were either $3-4.00/meter.
Two pieces of tulle and light blue elastic. I will use the elastic on something else as I found a narrower fold over elastic in the store. I plan on making tutus out of this.
Tulle at $3.00/meter. I am going to have some fun with this. I am looking at party dresses for the 18" dolls.
I did buy a doll for a model though I will buy an American Doll for myself.
Last week, I bought this lovely piece of fabric to make a table topper and 4 napkins for friends who bought a new house.
Now to get started.


I bought a ball of ivory sock yarn to make socks and mitts for the doll's clothes. I bought the patterns and a sweater pattern also. More on that later when I evaluate the projects.

This Afternoon

I am going to do laundry and sew. The Spousal Unit will have a nap and I may join him also. I didn't sleep as well as I had hoped last night. I will survive and be fine tomorrow.
Until tomorrow......................


  1. So glad the spousal unit is feeling better. I have my family from Ft McMurray here. I am so thankful they are safe and that we have room for them here. Great deal on the fabrics. I have so much fabric I just hate to buy any more. Just don't get the time to sew what with tutoring, knitting, new grandchildren, housework, yardwork, etc. You know what I mean.

  2. So glad SU is out of hospital - I hope he's getting plenty of rest. You as well - you have lots to keep you busy but rest is important too. Love the colours of the fabrics you've bought. I was going to go fabric shopping myself today but unfortunately someone took money from my bank account fraudulently so I'm waiting for new account to be set up. Bank refunded me all the stolen money but am now cross because I have been deprived of my fabric shopping pleasure for this week! Happy sewing and knitting this weekend.