Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Trim On The Tent

Yesterday was a bit cooler and windy. You wore your coat and then took it off. Storm clouds blew over and around us and we even had a small shower or light rain. They are calling for more of the same today.


In the morning, I cleaned up the kitchen to shining and then did the dining room. It was so nice to have everything looking nice in that part of the house.
After lunch, we headed out to the doctor's office. I got my prescriptions filled and by blood pressure medication has been increased. I do need to get back on my diet and start walking. The doctor isn't worried at the moment as I have been stressed with the Spousal Unit's health.
The Spousal Unit's visit was longer as the doctor had to set up referels. He has to have a chest X-ray near the end of the month to see if he is pneumonia free. He also has to go in to the hospital and have an IV for more immune booster. He goes in every month for 5 months. Then he has to see a specialist for a brown mark on his back, an ophthalmologist for his eyes, and another specialist for a small benign growth on his brain. They don't think it will grow but they do want to watch it. For such a healthy person for so many years, he is getting his "tune-up" now. He came home and had a nap after all that.


I spent a bit of time doing the top trim on one side of the tent. It took me a bit of time to figure out what I wanted.
I wanted the trim to pop and it did. It looks washed out in the above picture.
Yes I changed the thread three times to sew down the trim but so worth it. The other side of the tent is now marked and ready to stitch and have the top trim put on.
I also did a small test piece on mitring corners for the table topper and napkins. I did okay but will use this tutorial. This is part of the Canadian items I am making to display at the store.


I got the first sleeve of the doll sweater done and the second one is half done. I spent some time looking in my bin of sock wool and found two balls of this lovely soft wool. I can't buy this brand any more.
 I laid it on to the pants and I think it will work for a sweater, socks and hat.
And up close.
I have to be careful that I get other projects knit as I am enjoying knitting doll clothes. Once the first sweater is done, I will work on socks for our grandson.


I work the 1 -9 pm shift. I have to grocery shop as I work three days in a row and then the Spousal Unit wants me to take the lawn clippings to the composting place. That will be my day prior to work.
Until tomorrow............................

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