Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seeing the Light at the End of the Tent Tunnel

Yesterday was another warm day with a high of 27.5C or 81.5F. Our nights are cool but in the double digits most of the time. We open the windows and air out the house every night. We did have clouds roll in and heard thunder. We got a bit of rain but nothing to talk about. Today is suppose to be warmer and then we get another cool spell with some moisture.


The Spousal Unit spread out the last of the 6 bags of mulch we bought on Sunday. We have to buy an edging before the rest can be completed. Two more rose bushes need to be purchased and, after that, we can focus on the shop side of the back yard. Progress is being made.
The first of the rose blooms from our new roses. Hopefully there is another one to pick today or tomorrow. We have both plain and multi coloured roses. We are being careful as to what we buy as we can only have 6 roses vs the 12 we had at Ashcroft.  


I took an hour at noon to watch the Great British Sewing Bee. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and do agree with others that the first project was a tough one. Matching bias front and back on a simple top. I see that the judges talked more about creativity, fit, and finish in this episode, especially during the skirt challenge.
Heather, that doll's tent is labour intensive. Though I was in and outside during the day, I spent a lot of hours on it. Not quite a child's dress but getting near it.
I read and reread the instructions as I thought I had missed a piece but I hadn't. Then I started to sew the last of the bias around the windows. The shades were next and I cut the outer fabric from the second cushion cover and lined it in the broadcloth.
More reading, finishing the back, and I finally pinned the back triangle to the tent in preparation of sewing it down.
At that point I quit as I had pinned and unpinned it three times before I got it the way I wanted it. I'm still debating if I want to put the ribbon trim on the bottom of the sides of the tent. That is for another day.
I am at the stage where I need to buy the dowel, the foam board for the base and 6 buttons to tie the tent to the base. So glad to be near the end of this project.


I did knit late yesterday afternoon and evening. I finished the back and cast off the left shoulder. I started to knit the front and got 10 rows done. It may get done this week though I will have to block it prior to sewing it together. While it is being blocked, I will knit the matching socks. Then it will be onto socks for our grandson and finishing up the afghan for a co-worker. I need to focus more on getting that project done.


I work an 8 hour shift and hope to knit more on the sweater tonight.
Until tomorrow...............................

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  1. Ann, what is that yellow rose? I love yellow on roses.