Friday, May 13, 2016

No Stitcher's Guild For Me

Yesterday was cooler with a high of 20.5C or 69F. I wore my jacket in the morning as it was cool. Today is warmer as we move towards another hot spell.


It was a busy morning. While I did the grocery shopping, the Spousal Unit mowed the back lawn. He put the bags of lawn clippings into the truck. We took them out to the compose center. That was our morning.
At work, we did a huge variety of jobs getting ready for a 3 day Ultimate sale. When we left a 9 p.m., the store was ready and I was tired and sore as were other co-workers.
I am, once again, having problems with Stitcher's Guild. First on the computer and then on the iPad. Every other site opens for me. I am not getting my fix this morning.


I did go in early and buy the rest of the fabric for the tent. I still need to get the dowels and foam board. That will happen on Sunday. I also bought some denim cottons for doll clothes. The goal is to make the clothes and knit some items to go with it. I will have to find white wool for socks and sweaters. And maybe a denim colour yarn also. A good friend and I are going to have fun playing with the clothes after I finish them. Most of them will be for sale. I will keep a few for my doll.


I work 9 to 5 p.m. Other than kitchen clean up, nothing will get done. Sunday I can sew again.
Until tomorrow..........................

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