Monday, May 30, 2016

An Update

It has been wet and cool since I last posted. We have had almost an inch of rain fall and below normal temperatures. Today is suppose to be warmer with a good dose of sunshine as we move to hot temperatures by the end of the week.


Life has been busy. The Spousal Unit still has some fluid on his lungs. The pneumonia is not gone. He is not a happy man about that as he has to rest some every day. His paper work for cataract surgery is moving forward. He has an appointment to be measured for a new lens the day after his birthday. He is happy about that.
I have a new position at the store and more responsibility. It is interesting as I am learning new things all the time.


I am off work and I hope to do a bit of sewing while I do laundry. But first there is a doctor's appointment for the Spousal Unit. I will also have to drive him so he can do a few things also.
Until tomorrow..........................

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