Saturday, May 07, 2016

Everything Bag Sewn

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. It got to 27C or 80.5F. Today it is suppose to get to 31C or 88F.


Thank you for the kind comments on the Spousal Unit. He puttered in the yard yesterday morning, rested a bit and I took him to the gardening center before lunch. After lunch he slept for over 2 hours. He woke feeling better.
Elliott has hung around the Spousal Unit all day and was upset when he went outside.
Heather, we are thrilled to hear that family has made it to your house from Fort McMurray. So glad they are safe.
Anne, what a bummer to have your shopping time ruined with your account hacked. Yikes, that is scary.


While the house was quiet in the afternoon, I sewed another bag for Grandson. It will get filled with small gifts for Christmas.

It then becomes a second bag for diabetic supplies. I have two cut out for Daughter-in-law. Her's are for her knitting projects and I will fill them with small gifts.


I purchased socks, mittens, and a sweater pattern for the 18" doll I bought. I did a swatch and have the first sock cast on and 17 rows knit in ivory wool. They will be knee socks. They are basically knit like people socks which is really neat. I will show pictures when they are done.


I work a full 8 hour shift. I am going to start buying a few more pieces of fabric to do a doll 6 PAC. This one is for camping and should include a tent, sleeping bag, and lounge chair. More on it later.
Until tomorrow.........................

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