Monday, May 16, 2016

Labour Intensive Doll Tent

It was quite warm yesterday with a high of 28C or 82F. Though there was a light layer of clouds over us in the morning, it was gone in the afternoon. Today is suppose to be as warm or warmer than yesterday.


We headed out early to get more mulch and ground cloth for the back yard. We also brought home another rose bush. Two more rose bushes left to buy and that area will be done.
The Spousal Unit spent the day putting down the mulch and planted the rose bush. That meant lots of resting and a nap when he was done. He is feeling better and antsy about not having a lot to do.
I got three loads of laundry done and spent some time outdoors admiring the backyard. We talked a bit about his shop but the carport needs to be cleaned up before we can look at the shop.


I worked on the tent and I am sure I sewed enough stitches to have made a simple child's dress. It seemed to go on forever.
This is one half of the tent and the other side needs the white bias tape sewn to the window. Then both sides need to have the trim put along the bottom where the white line is. Once that is done, on to the next step.
I photographed the fabric I am using to make the doll clothes.
The above fabric is an expensive faux suede and will be used to make either coats or western pants and vest. Maybe both. I need to make enough to sell to recoup the fabric and keep one item for my model.
This is a piece of chambray and the lace is from a spool of lace I found on the floor in the store. I will be making a couple of dresses out of it.
The light weight denim and chambray are for jeans, jean skirts, tops, and shorts. I am hoping enough will be left over for a jeans jacket.
The store had a blitz sale on notions that have been on the shelves for two years. I bought Daughter, Daughter-in-Law and myself the small items (only one grouping is shown). The scissors were on for a good price so I got them. The scrubby was bought at another store. A whole bunch of stocking stuffers are purchased.
I will make each a small bag to put the items into.


I worked on the doll's sweater last night and finished the second sleeve.
I also got the body of the sweater cast on, the ribbing knit and several rows of plain knitting done. The body is half done at this point. I will knit socks and, possibly, a slouch beanie to match the sweater. I will sew black pants and a skirt for a set to sell.


I am at home today. I want to sew more on the tent and get closer to completing it. It is labour intensive. I also have laundry to do and have to be out for a bit also.
Until tomorrow.......................

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  1. Boy, that tent is a lot of effort! Someone will buy it for sure and hopefully they will appreciate the time put into it.