Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Rose Bush Bloomed

Yesterday was another warm day with a high of 26.5C or 80F. Not as warm as expected but still lovely weather. Today is the start of cooler and damper weather.


I worked a full day and it was fun to be cutting at one of the tables. Between cutting, putting away fabrics and tidying up displays, I started to inventory notions to be returned. It was a busy day.
The Spousal Unit claimed he had a boring day. Nothing to do. So he read and napped which is helping him get stronger.
Cherie, the rose is called Midas Touch. We chose it as we liked to have a variety of different roses in the flower bed. We have been choosing plain and variegated blooms for this small rose garden.
This rose we chose as it reminded both of us of the rose Daughter bought me 6 years ago at our previous home.
Rose Daughter gave me in Ashcroft
I loved that rose bush and love this one also. To date we have pink, yellow, variegated red and the variegated yellow/red roses in the rose bed.


I didn't get any sewing done yesterday but did buy some yellow fabric and tulle for doll's dresses. Also got a couple of zippers, lace, and cording. I am working my way through my list of items I need for more projects I have on the table. Right now I have three craft items for the store,  2 small project bags and 2 reusable grocery bags to make. Most take one to two afternoons to complete. All are gifts for friends and family.


I worked on the doll's sweater and am ready to knit one shoulder seam together. I need to watch a tutorial on how to do that. I am thinking one more evening and the sweater will be ready to block prior to be sewn together. Then the matching socks will be knit.


I don't work today but we head out shortly for the Spousal Unit to have an ultra sound on his spleen. Then it will be shopping and home where I will sew on the tent. I may have to head out again to get the remaining supplies for said tent. A busy day for us.
Until tomorrow.................................


  1. I continue to be in awe at how much you get done in a day!

  2. "Midas Touch" is beautiful. You have chosen very well.

  3. Thanks for the info on Midas Touch - beautiful rose!