Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Contest

Yesterday was a hot one. It got to 32.6C or 90F. My car thermometer said 32C when I came home at 6 p.m. It has clouded up with a north wind this morning and all windows are open to cool the house off. There is an on going battle about that in the house.


At work we are having a contest. We can get 2 cushion covers and 3 notions and fly at it. Ideas of what we are making is the topic of discussion. What fun this could be.
I chose 2 green faux suede cushion covers which are plain as can be. My notions consist of a ribbon hank, some trim, and a package of single fold bias tape. I had to buy another package of bias tape, a zipper and some cotton for lining. I need to get some foam board, wooden doweling and maybe another cushion cover. I am making a doll's tent.
McCalls 7268
The Spousal Unit continues to do well at home. He is puttering in the morning and napping in the afternoon. All I can hope for is him remaining healthy.


As we are having a Mother's Day sale at the store, I picked up more items. Two blankets for us, some fabric and a couple of patterns. All at 50% off (except patterns) using either Bargain Center or discounted items. Now to sew.
My goal is to sew up doll clothes, do come other craft sewing, and make more clothes for myself. Right now I am sewing small items due to the Spousal Unit being sick.


I got the 30 rows finished on the first sock and the heel flap knit. I am getting excited to finish the first sock. It is looking quite cute even though it is plain ivory in colour. I want to make a pair to match the sweater I am going to knit for the doll. Yes, I am nuts.


I am not working but have to go in for a few minutes this morning to deliver keys I borrowed from the assistant manager. I am going to do some house work and then sew on the tent. Rather, take the cushion covers apart.
Until tomorrow....................

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