Sunday, January 20, 2019

Yarn Found

Though it has been sunny for the past two days, the weather has been getting colder. This morning it is foggy and -12C. We are under and rain and wind warning as a storm passes through today. 


Yesterday daughter-in-law and I went to Dartmouth to shop. We did up Walmart and Ikea. I wanted to get another cube and put legs on it. This cube is for the dolls; clothes in bins on the bottom and they will sit or stand on the top. 
While at Ikea, we wandered around the store as it wasn't too busy. We looked upstairs to get ideas for the legs on the cube and then enjoyed walking our way around to the Marketplace downstairs. We both enjoy snooping in that area and my find of the day was this lamp. 
It reminds me of the old oil lamps. Ideas are floating as to where I can put one in the house. 
Elliott as been sitting and sleeping more with the Spousal Unit in his chair. Last night he showed us the life of luxury. 
He is such a funny cat as he was sleeping with me on the couch and before that he was sleeping on the back of the couch. 


The last bag awaits its cording and it can be put away. 
These are great for large scraps. I want to make one the next size up (called Project Bag). I have ideas in my head on what they would be used for. 
The sewing room has been tidied up ready for me to sew doll clothes. I need to cut the interfacing for one doll's blouse and the lining for a vest. Once done, the fleece can be laid out and prepped for tying. 
The vest will be sewn first. I want to do some extra steps on it such as a lot of hand basting (running stitch). The last vest I made out of cotton velvet frayed where I trimmed the seams so I won't be doing that. I may stitch it with the tiny zig zag stitch I use on knits. I know it will be extra work, but I want this one to be well done. 


Yarn is being stocked again at Walmart (YES!!) and the ball of yarn I wanted was in stock (as it was in Kamloops). 
I cast on for a hat and got it half knit by bedtime last night. 
The shiny colored threads show up nicely in this hat. Two more to knit after this one and I'm done this batch. 
Once done, I am hoping that I can get back to my scarf. It was suppose to be January's wardrobe project but I did loose the war on that one. It will get done as will other projects I have planned. 
With the hats, there is always yarn left over. I have been crocheting cowls for the dolls so I can toss the tiny bits quickly. The only yarn I have lots left over from is the jeans colored yarn. I have enough to knit the Gotz dolls messy bun hats. These items will go into a tub of miscellaneous items so I can add them to outfits I will make in the future.  


We are staying close to home with the weather system that is coming in. My plan is to sew, knit, and make dill buns. 
Until the next time............................

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