Friday, January 18, 2019

Sewing and Knitting On A Cold Day

Yesterday, the temperature got colder by the hour. It went from about -6C to -13C this morning. The plus side has been a lot of sunshine which we do enjoy. We are suppose to get a storm that will last Sunday and Monday.


I spent the morning over at family's as they were out and the house cleaners were coming. I didn't get a lot done here but our house can be done over the weekend. It really isn't dirty, I need to just do some tidying up. 
I did make a stew yesterday but it wasn't ready for supper. We will have it tonight. 


I made another bag yesterday and have one more to make. 
It took me about 90 minutes of focused sewing to make it. I can actually make it from memory allowing it to go faster. And it put me at 5.05 meters sewn to date. 
I also spent some time finishing up the Couture Sewing Academy hand stitching sampler. My sampler is done. 
I certainly learned a lot doing the sampler. There is a product called tiger tape that you can lay on your fabric to help you space your stitches evenly for the overcast stitch. Very cool for perfect stitches. 
Burdastyle showed using pinking shears to help you get nice spacing of stitches plus you are using two seam finishes that aren't bulky. 
They also showed going back over doing a second overcast stitch for less fraying of the fabric. 
And this fabulous page on hand stitching. 
On to lesson #2 today. 

Doll Clothes Idea

This started some tickling in my brain. I want to order boots for the dolls and an outfit based on this has me thinking. I can knit or sew leggings and add a sweater with a nice collar on it. The pockets are the only thing that I haven't figured out yet. 


While waiting for the cleaners, I had a marathon knitting spree and did a bit more in the late afternoon at home. The third hat is being reknit and is looking great. 
I am 10+ rows above the ribbing which is what is done in the picture. I hope to have it done tonight. Then onto the blue one. 


I have some housework to do, sew the last bag of the batch I cut out and knit. I am hoping to clean off the cutting table and lay out grandson's fleece blanket so I can start on it. That means getting some interfacing for a doll's shirt cut out also. 
Until the next time............................

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