Sunday, January 27, 2019

Out To Paint A Dining Room

It is -5C this morning and we had a skiff of snow during the night. Our day time temperatures are to be mild until Thursday. Night time temperatures range from mild to cool. 


We had a busy day yesterday. I started out the morning with tearing our room apart. It got vacuumed and dusted. The floors got mopped and the bedding changed. It is now clean and I'm not coughing on the dust. 
After lunch we headed over to help daughter-in-law paint the dining room walls. They had done the priming in the morning. I did all the cutting in and the Spousal Unit showed how to paint walls. It looks good in there. The room went from cranberry red (darker shade) to light grey. The room always felt dark and small and now it is light and airy. It feels bigger also. We had a lot of fun together. We came home and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen as we had dinner at our house. 


After being brutal to my body yesterday by cleaning the bedroom, climbing short ladders, and crawling on the floor, my body feels great. Very little pain in my knees and hip. I need to do more of this. 
I am finding that I am doing well on my new eating habits. I am being mindful of what is going into my mouth. We had Chinese food last night and I ate mostly vegetables with a bit of the other food. The scales went down but I was sure hungry during the night. It woke me up twice. 
With this new eating regime, I am finding that I need an apple during the day. If I can go til noon without it, I do need it mid afternoon. I'm on a learning curve and recording my thought in my bullet journal. 


I didn't sew yesterday but I have downloaded another pattern to test. It is a published pattern that needs some tweaking. I will be looking in the stash for the fabric. The designer of this line lives in Nova Scotia (about an hour or less from our home). She sold her patterns to a lady she has worked with for quite a few years. 


I got 8 rows knit on the black hat last night. Not half done but I got tired and had to stop. The test dress didn't get a row knit on it. It will be my focus this afternoon. 


We will be out to check the paint job this morning and try to install a light in the dining room. If all goes well, we will be home by noon and I will putter in the sewing room and knit. If not, I will be painting more walls. I'm happy either way. 
Until the next time.........................

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