Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Doll's Vest Completed

It has been cool and windy here. It is suppose to start warming up and be 11C and raining tomorrow. Right now it is -9C and clear. 


The Spousal Unit was in to give blood as it is his 3 month check up. We go in to see the doctor when he has it done 3 months from now. 
The Spousal Unit and I got the cube for the dolls and their belongings done yesterday. As we used glue on the screws when adding the legs we left it to move into the sewing room today. Once in the room, I'll do a quick vacuum and then move stuff upstairs to start cleaning the cat hair and fluff on that level. 
The storm coming in has certainly left me feeling sore and cranky. My knees hurt so bad whether standing, walking, sitting, or lying down that I finally put heat on them. It did help and I walked some in the evening when they stopped hurting so much. 


Between being needed to help on the cube (I put glue on the screws), I worked on the vest for the doll. I got it done and am happy that I don't need to sew velvet for a long time. 
I've sewn 5.7 meters of fabric to date and have 1.5 meters left cut out to sew by the end of the month. I also have to work on grandson's fleece blanket. 


I finished the doll's cowl and need to steam it before putting it on the doll. I'm keeping the left over yarn as I have another ball and may have enough left over to knit a hat for the dolls. 
The 5th hat is moving along and I'm about half done. It will be finished tomorrow night and then I can think about the last hat I want to make. I'll look at yarn tomorrow.
I am going to test a pattern for a designer. A dress with a lacy skirt on it. I have pink Astra yarn set out for it and need to get the needles out and cast on the stitches. Maybe this afternoon. 


The plan is to cut out the interfacing for the one doll shirt and move everything to the ironing board. I want to lay out the fleece blanket so I can work on it. The cube will be put into the sewing room and the family room will get its last vacuum before moving the hoses and attachments upstairs. Starting Friday, I want to clean the upstairs as Elliott has a layer of cat hair on all the floors. 
Until the next time...........................

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