Friday, January 11, 2019

Needing To Think About Health

Yesterday was dull and grey with a temperature that hovered just above 0C. Today is the start of cooler weather with the temperature moving downwards from -2C at 6 a.m. We will probably see -12C by tonight or tomorrow. 



I got the house tidied up on the main floor. That included the living room, stairs and entrance. I did not wash the entrance floor, which is today's job. 


We continue to eat healthy but the weight is remaining the same. I'm going to think this one through and see where I may be going wrong. The measuring cups and spoons are coming out today. 
We headed out for a drive yesterday to help curb the cabin fever. I had to get thread for a project. 
We finished a puzzle and started another one. The edge is all done and now the Spousal Unit is working on the inside part. I will help out when I have time. 


I started another drawstring bag in the same size as I did the last time. It is exactly the same as before. Frogs and ladybugs. I have two to make in sports fabric and a fourth one in soccer balls. I had cut out lime green for the outside fabric but will change it to black from the stash. When done, I will have a grocery bag and several doll clothes items to make. I will spread them over the next 2 weeks as I have to make grandson a tied fleece blanket. 
Next up, I have to make a list of items I want to sew for February. 


I almost finished the earth toned messy bun hat. It will be done today and photographed. I will start a jeans colored one next. 


I am cleaning up the sewing room and mopping the floor. Then I will sew this afternoon and knit tonight. Meals need to be planned as I hope to shop tomorrow. 
Until the next time..........................

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