Sunday, January 20, 2019


Diary of a Journal Fanatic
A fabulous starting point. 

What is my dream?

Or rather my dream areas? 
Jan. 1, 2019
  • Health
  • Home
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
What was in these areas on January 1, 2019?
Loose weight, start walking, and stay well.
Keep our house and yard tidy. Purge what we don't need and do some renovations that need to be done. 
Work more on sewing up the stash. This will include a blend of crafts, people sewing, and doll sewing. The goal is to sew 50 meters this year. 
To knit down more of the yarn stash doing a wider variety of projects. Doll knitting allows me to learn new techniques which is great. 
We both want to explore more of Nova Scotia as there is so much to see. 
A fabulous start but I need to break these down into steps so I have a goal.


  • To loose 30 lbs this year. That is under a pound a week. 
  • To walk 3 times a week increase the distance to 3-5 km. 
  • To keep my thyroid monitored 4 times a year (every three months). I am doing this already but it needs to continue for good health. 
  • To use my bullet journal on a weekly basis.
  • To have the house neat and tidy and nicely decorated
  • To paint the basement ourselves and hire a painter for upstairs.
  • To change the moulding and add crown moulding
  • Take a trip to Newfoundland.
  • To sew down 50 meters of fabric a month. That is 4 meters per month but I'd like to aim for 5-6 meters a month as I know there will be slow months.
  • Purchases will be mindful. That means I can buy fabric to finish projects or to make something special. 
  • To complete 
    • Couture Sewing Academy
    • Design Academy
    • Pattern Academy
  • To work on testing for designers of doll clothes
  • To knit down the stash. 
  • Sell or gift items I make to use up the stash. 
  • Knit up the left over yarn for the dolls
  • Learn how to fair isle knit and to steek. 
  • To test knit doll clothes designs.
How will I back this up to make my dream come true?
  • Stay focused
  • Have mini goals and plans
  • Think monthly
January is 2/3rds gone. 
  • Health has been hard as I had a couple of issue
  • Home needs some cleaning but not hard to do
  • Sewing has been on track and I need to plan for February
  • Knitting has seen me buy yarn to knit for someone (paid knitting). 
  • Health - loose 2.5 lbs, begin walking for 10 minutes, do bullet journal, thyroid blood work.
  • Home - clean the house in the mornings once again. I need to focus on one room to deep clean it and do some decorating. 
  • Sewing - Doll clothes - 2 outfits, 1-2 grocery bags, .......
  • Knitting - work on my scarf, learn how to do fair isle knitting, finish up some wool scraps into doll items.
I'll report back on Feb. 1 with what I did do in January. 

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