Thursday, January 10, 2019

Do I Have A TNT T-Shirt Pattern?

Yesterday we had rain the whole day. The snow turned to slush and the slush turned to huge puddles as the ground is frozen. At one point, we looked out and the water was running down the ditch and the water was running in the opposite direction down the road. We are now slowly moving towards cooler weather after a high of 6C yesterday. 



The Spousal Unit decided to start cleaning the driveway before we went for our hair cuts. As there was no school, the two young boys across the street were kicked out to burn off energy. They grabbed their snow shovels and came over and helped. It was heavy wet snow and they worked hard. 


Once again, we ate well. I made chicken noodle soup from scratch and it was yummy. I am enjoying cooking from scratch and controlling what goes into the recipes. 
I headed back to Weight Watcher's last night. I'm hoping I can have a more successful year. A plan has evolved as I start the journey one more time. Now, if my thyroid would cooperate, I'd be over the moon. 


The t-shirt I started in October is finished. I didn't try it on as I had to go from sewing to making dinner to out the door. I did sew up a muslin for the dolls. I call it version 2 of their t-shirt. It took me 20 minutes to do. 
I did not finish the seams at all. The shoulder seams are 3/8" vs the original 1/4". The side seams were also sewn at 3/8"
I added 1/4" to the neckline and made a facing. It helped a lot as it fits better. I'm happier with this version but will print out the pattern and work a bit more on the neckline. Then, it will be to take out the excess in the sleeves. That I have worked out in my mind. I'm going to let this rest for a few days as I need to work through the basket of items I cut out in October. 


I worked on the earthy toned hat last night and by tomorrow night, it should be finished. 
I was looking at some ideas and came across this one for a blanket. 
I would love to find some yarn in these colors and make it for our bed. I found a video on how to make it.  
The video uses chunky blanket yarn and single crochet. I think I could do it in knitting worsted and do double crochet. By enlarging the picture, I think I can figure this out. Once the first row is done, it should be easy to do. 


Housework is in the books and then I need to start sewing some bags that I have cut out. I think there is three of them. I do have to wash the lining fabric so a load of laundry is also in the books. 
Until the next time......................

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