Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Fabulous and Profitable Day

It is cool outside today. There is a bit of wind which has a bite to it. The sun will shine. 


Yesterday morning we headed out to Coldbrook with a stop to get my medication. We had a great trip to Coldbrook getting apples and books for the Spousal Unit. I did a bit of exploring in the grocery store which has more stores upstairs. It is a busy shopping center. 


I am still trying to eat healthy. I continue to have portion control except for vegetables which I eat more of. I haven't eaten any cheese for 5 days and have kept the starches to just above a minimum. We will see what the scales say tomorrow. 


I spent the afternoon sewing a doll's shirt. I looked at the pattern and made changes. More hand sewing, some serging, and lots of pressing. 
I can see this being a western shirt and a jacket over a t-shirt. 
I am liking this pattern a lot and the lady who designed it graciously gave it to several of us for free. 


While the Spousal Unit was finding his books I explored the shopping center and upstairs is a store that has a variety of things in it. One thing was wool and I found the red wool I could not get anywhere else. I got 2 balls of it as I have to knit the sweater I had to take apart. 
Last evening I knit and finished the test dress. I will make it again as it is well written. 
I will knit the long sleeved jacket that goes with it in white. 
I knit 4 rows on the last messy bun hat and am half done. I hope to finish it tonight and then weave in all the yarn ends and ship out. 


I am off to Halifax for grandson's diabetic check up. When home, I will knit as I will be tired. We are doing a bit of shopping afterwards. 
Until the next time...............

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