Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Messy Bun Hat #3 Completed, #4 Started

Yesterday we woke to -7C weather and the sky was a brilliant orange-red. We watched it turn to hot pink before it faded to nothing. This morning it is 1C, the wind is blowing and the rain is melting the snow that fell during the night. It is suppose to get to about 7C today and then cool off once more. 


We have 2 street lights on our street now. They are down from us and in some ways I'm glad they aren't on the pole in front of our house. That being said, the power company will put on on said pole. 


We were in town yesterday to start buying the baseboards and crown moulding for the house. We talked to the store about decking and we got soooo much information that it was hard to believe other contractors never mentioned it. I even found the information online for building decks in Canada. 
I still having problems getting the living room tidied up. I start, then stop, get distracted, and whatever else I can think up. I need to commit to getting it done. 


We are now at Day 4 and I am feeling success. I have cooked good meals, eating within points, and have lost 3 pounds according to my scales. I get weighed in tonight and know I will have a gain from 4 weeks ago. Not as big but a gain. Eating healthy and with portion control is paying off. 
We are both suffering from a bit of cabin fever. I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better. We both hope being outside for a bit doing some things will help us. 


No sewing yesterday. In actual fact, I had a nap as I was tired and my knees and one hip were sore from the weather system coming in. 


I did knit yesterday. The blue messy bun hat is finished and I really like it. 
I have a half a ball left over as I love this yarn and can't get it at the store anymore. 
I bought this yarn to try and love the earthiness of the colors. 
I cast it on and got the ribbing done last night. 
It reminds me of a Cowichan sweater. 
I am hoping to make this cowl.

I think I found the yarn to make it out of. It is on my to knit list for this winter. 


We have to get our hair cut this morning, then do some shoveling plus take the Christmas lights down if it quits raining. I want to sew for a couple of hours this afternoon. Tonight, I will knit on the hat. A busy day. 

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