Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mindful Acquisitions

Yesterday was a warm day but the temperature did drop from when we got up in the morning. The skies cleared and it was be cool during the night. 
This morning the temperature was -4C at 6 a.m. and it is suppose to get to 0C for our high. 


We headed out shopping in the morning and got some groceries, yarn, and some beads for my scarf. On the way home we stopped at the fabric store. 


Yesterday was my first day with no cheese. Did I miss it? Yes, at breakfast time but I made myself get over it. At 11 a.m. I had a sugar low and we stopped at a Farmer's Market. Instead of getting bakery items, I got us each an apple. They were very crisp and juicy. I was fine in 15 minutes. I am monitoring the what should I not be eating. It is hard but I'm getting there slowly. 
My one knee is much better after the storm blew over. The other one is puffy which means it has fluid on it. I have been massaging it, putting heat on it, and flexing it. The problem with having it sore is that I favor the knee and that makes my hip sore. This is not a new problem; I've suffered with it off and on over the years. 


I bought 1.5 meters of fabric for myself at the fabric store. 
This fabric is for 2 doll's dresses. One will have the body out of the bees and the accent in the plaid. The other will be reverse. 
The second piece is a batik. I hunted to get a good match with the tweed yarn. The blue is in the batik but is hard to see. I am going to knit brown leggings, tweed sweater, and make a parka to go over it. I need to buy some boots to go with it. I want all this fabric sewn in February. 


Besides the two balls of the above yarn, I bought black sparkle yarn for the last messy bun hat. I got it cast on and the ribbing done. 
The doll's dress is done but too short. I am doing a few extra rows so it will be at the top of the knee. I will work on it tomorrow with the hopes of finishing it. 


I am going to do housework. I need to get the upstairs cleaned up as we are swimming in cat hair. It is going to take me a few days to do so I will get at it this morning rather than put it off. 
Until the next time.........................

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