Monday, January 14, 2019

A Successful Day

This morning it is 14C and clear. Another cool day in Nova Scotia. Yesterday was sunny all day and today should be a repeat. One thing we noticed was how much longer the days are. Rather than it being dark at 5 p.m., it was light out at that time last night. YES!



Yesterday, two loads of laundry were done as I balanced the books/did the budget. On a snowy day this week, I will pay the bills. 
I am noticing that I need to sweep/vacuum more often. Elliott has a layer of cat hair on the floors in less than a week. 


Last night we had a slow cooker roast beef with gravy. The meat was tender but coarse grained. Flavor was excellent though. I now can cook left overs with a new dish on Thursday. 
I ate within points again and am hoping for a good loss Wednesday. I'm trying to move around the house more. I am doing a lot more on the basement stairs. 


I am almost finished the hand sampler. I have a hemming stitch to do and it is the first time I have ever done it. I need to google it to see it done by a right handed person. 
It isn't spectacular but there is a lot of time hand sewing in that sampler. 
I finished the second bag yesterday. When closing the turn through opening, I used one of the stitches I had done on the sampler. I had to redo it as I sewed the lining to the main fabric. Double practice. 
Both bags have fabric ties and I do like them. I'm going to have to be creative for the ties for the next two as I don't have fabric for them. 
Yesterday I saw this lovely table runner on a friend's facebook page. 
I fell in love with it. Color scheme is perfect though I'm looking for more denim blue. It is called Winter Cabin. You have to subscribe to get the free pattern. I'm not a huge quilter but I love this and am going to make it. 
I am also wondering if we will see this new line of quilting cottons this spring. 


My research worked. I knit this denim colored hat in the next smaller size using the needles called for. 
I'm two rows from casting off. It is a lady's medium to perfection. The white hat has be taken apart and I will start it tonight. 
I can move forward as I know the number of stitches to cast on, how many rows of ribbing and how many rows of pattern to do before decreasing. I am happy. I have one more to take apart and reknit and will think about the last two. I'm behind now but know I am making the proper sized hat. 


The plan is to clean the family room; dust, vacuum, mop. This afternoon, I will sew on another small bag until we leave for supper with family. 
Until the next time...............................

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