Tuesday, January 01, 2019

On To 2019

Happy New Year

We start the year off with a temperature of -3C. It is snowing out so the world will look clean and white when daylight arrives. 


Health wise, the Spousal Unit and I were sick at the beginning and the end of 2018. In between, we were healthy. I am thinking we started and ended the year with a small weight loss. We both know we need to do better this year. 
Sewing larger amounts of fabric was slim. I made Daughter-in-law a bag for her knitting.
The Spousal Unit got a shirt sewn and I can't find a picture of the finished product. 
I made a grocery bag for a lady that is quite classy in black and white. 
And I made Daughter-in-law a lunch bag and first aid kit for Christmas. 

It wasn't a lot and I plan on doing more sewing of larger items to sew down the stash. 


I did do more human knitting in 2018. Grandson got 2 pairs of socks and Daughter got 4 hats. I also knit a 5th hat that will be shipped out in April as part of a consignment. 

Onto 2019

My goal this year is to be more focused, make a plan, and follow it. I can explore still but I need to be more focused. My bullet journal will be my friend as I plan out the following areas:
Loose weight, start walking, and stay well.
Keep our house and yard tidy. Purge what we don't need and do some renovations that need to be done. 
Work more on sewing up the stash. This will include a blend of crafts, people sewing, and doll sewing. The goal is to sew 50 meters this year. 
To knit down more of the yarn stash doing a wider variety of projects. Doll knitting allows me to learn new techniques which is great. 
We both want to explore more of Nova Scotia as there is so much to see. 

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