Monday, January 21, 2019

What A Day!

The winter storm they forecasted has come and gone. We woke to -13C and it started to snow. By 11 a.m. we had 4" of light and fluffy snow on the ground. 
By 11:30, it started to rain and the temperature started to go up. By mid afternoon it was pouring rain and at 9 p.m. it was 11-12C and still raining. There are few small lumps of snow in our yard this morning. The temperature is 7C and falling. We will have it cold tonight. 


We had the snow shoveling crew in to do the driveway. That was a surprise. 
The Spousal Unit went out to help them get the job done. We appreciate their help. 
I made dill buns yesterday. I used some pickle juice, chopped dill pickles and dried dill. 
Not our favorite as they had very little flavor to them. I'll stick with herb or plain buns. We like those the best. 


I started on the velvet vest. I really do not like cotton velvet. It hates to cooperate when I sew the seams. It took me almost 4 hours to get this far. 
I'm ready to sew the lining into the vest. It will be slow going as I have to pinch and pin the seams to make sure they are even. 
Picture from group on Facebook
I am loving this idea and have an idea tickling in my brain. I need to work on my February sewing list by the end of this week. 


Messy bun hat #4 is complete. Two more to go and I can ship all 6 to BC. 
With no light on the yarn, the colored shiny threads don't show up very well. 
Once done, I will go back to knitting my scarf and set up another project which could be doll related. 


Housework this morning and then sewing. This evening I will set up hat #5. I'm hoping to be done them by Jan. 29. 
Until the next time.............................

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