Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Today is another cold sunny day. The temperature was -14C at 6 a.m. With the sun shining, it will be a lovely day to be out and about. 
The sun is setting about 5 p.m. and here is a picture from last night. 
A bit dark but the setting sun was glorious. It stayed light for about 30 minutes after the sun disappeared. 



I did a few things around the house yesterday in the cleaning department. I did do some cleaning in the family room and the part I did looks neat and tidy. 


I am continuing to monitor and track what I eat. I really want to know how much I lost this week when I weigh in tomorrow night. 
My big accomplish was to make buns yesterday. They fit into my eating plan if I have low point foods with them. (Bun and chili) or if I eat low point foods for breakfast and lunch. 
I got the recipe from Favorite White Bread Recipe from Brown eyed Baker. A big hit at dinner last night. There are two buns left for dinner tomorrow night. Next up, same recipe but adding herbs to the mix. I like this recipe as it is made with the dough hook in the mixer. I also have the carbs worked out so grandson can have them too. Success in many ways. 


An almost dry day in the sewing room. I cut out the pieces for the drawstring bag in black cotton I had laundered. I decided to vacuum and clean the family room. 


The blue hat is finished to weaving in the ends. It fits me to perfection. I started the white hat last night and got quite a bit done. 
The markers show I knit 20 rows last night. A couple of nights and it will be done. Then to redo another hat. 


We are heading out to Coldbrook to a book store, then do a bit of shopping, having lunch out and heading home. I'm not sure what we will do when we get home. 
Until the next time........................

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