Sunday, January 06, 2019

A Sewing Flop Is Not A Flop

Yesterday was a nice day with a high of 4C. It stayed warm all night and it is 0C this morning with a skiff of snow. We could get a bit more snow today and then cooler weather. 



I ate well yesterday and stayed with in my points. I am hoping I will loose some weight before Wednesday. Today is Day 3 and I'm feeling ready. I can feel some difference as my body detoxes from sugar. 


I did the daily clean in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Once done, I tackled the dining room. It took me until noon to do that space. I vacuumed, washed floors, dusted, polished silver and tidied up the table. I was busy in that smallish space. It is done for now. 

I found this on Pinterest. I like it though I would change the days I do things. It is something to follow though. 


I spent the afternoon sewing the doll's t-shirt. I kept in mind about proportion and how this would look best on the doll. As I sewed, the t-shirt wasn't sitting right with me. Had the fabric stretched? Not according to the pattern as I laid it on top of the fabric a couple of times. I realized a couple of things when I put the almost finished product on the doll. 
With the t-shirt tucked in we have the 1/3 (top) to the 2/3 (bottom). Though both are plain fabrics, it is pleasing to the eye. 
The top fits well through the body as I took the side seams in from 1/4" to 1/2". I am a stickler for a smooth fit of clothing on the dolls. 
But look carefully. I have the shoulder seams pinned up another 1/4" and this means that the sleeve needs to be narrower in the cap. 
The pattern was a free one and it has never fit the Gotz dolls well as it is for another doll. I have fiddled and tinkered with it.  I left it over night and looked at the pictures again. 
I like the smooth fit in the body. Making the sleeves long shows that the underarms are too high up as they bind. I think that taking the shoulder seams up and adding 1/4 to 1/2" to the neckline and adding a facing will help the neckline. I like this plain neckline to add crystals. It gives it a more dressy look. I have lots of fabric so a new one will be cut out later on with all the adjustments made. Each time I do adjustments, I will get closer to having a pattern I like and will use. 


I finished crocheting one shawl for the dolls and the second one is well on its way to being completed tonight. I love how they use up the left over yarn from the hats. Pictures to follow when they are on the dolls. 


I will start on the living room. It won't get finished as we have to go shopping. The afternoon will be spent in the sewing room. I am hoping to work on my grey t-shirt. I need to cut out the sleeves first. 
Until the next time............................

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