Thursday, January 24, 2019

Another Storm

The weather is mild. 8C at 7:30 a.m. and it is suppose to get to 12C today. With this warm weather we are to get high winds and rain. Another storm from the south west. 
Last night it snowed a bit as the weather warmed up. It is half gone now and will probably be gone by noon. 



The cube unit was moved into the sewing room and the family room is now clean. I will be bringing up the vacuum cleaner hose so I can start cleaning the upstairs. It is time to start deep cleaning aka Spring cleaning. 


I am feeling much better now that the storm is here and that I have put a lot of heat on the sore joints. I am hoping that I will be pain free enough to start walking. 


Rather than sew, yesterday, I spent the time putting away the doll clothes into the bins I bought for the cubes. 
I sorted the clothes into sewn, knit, shoes, and items I may want to sell. I did a bit of a display on the top set with this one being my favorite. 
The doll's vest I made has buttons on the front and I think they are a bit big in proportion. 
I found the stickers I used for buttons on the last vest and will do the switch. 
Daughter bombed me with fabric pictures at the local fabric store and there are two pieces I want. One has bees on it, the other seems to be a bit of a check. A dress for the dolls. 


The 5th messy bun hat is almost done. Eight rows to cast off. I'm to the point I need to find the yarn for the 6th one and I do hope to ship them off by the end of the month. 
I am waiting for another pattern to test knit. A lady put out a pattern with a dress, skirt, and two simple sweaters. I chose to test the dress. I started it in Astra's baby pink and I am liking the pattern so far. 
At this point, I was ready to knit the 3 rows for each sleeve which I did and now have it looking like a bodice. It is an easy knit with good instructions. I know I will have to make a slip for this dress as the skirt is lacy. 


I am not sure what I will get done today. I should focus on the kitchen and start cleaning it up. I should sew a bit and knit. It is suppose to be a wet day so my walking may be all in the house while doing housework. 
Until the next time........................

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