Monday, January 07, 2019

Crocheting The Yarn Scraps

Yesterday the wind made it feel cooler than it was. We had a high of 4C. This morning it is -4C and we had a bit of snow fall during the night. We are to have cool weather for the next week. 



As it was Sunday, I made sure that the basics were done but did not do a lot of cleaning. We did do grocery shopping. I also made and baked spaghetti sauce in the afternoon. Baking it on low in the oven makes it delicious; the spices are so much nicer than when boiled on the stove. 
The Spousal Unit worked on his puzzle during the day. I helped out a couple of times and found some pieces. We thought this puzzle would be easy but it isn't Too many green pieces. He will keep plugging away at it and I will help when I can. 


I finished Day 3 with a bang. I ate within points, all food was healthy, and I monitored my carb intake more. I am down 2 pounds and am on the right road now. Today is Day 4 and I will continue to eat healthy all day.  


I spent a bit of time in the sewing room with the doll's t-shirt pattern. I printed it off again and added 1/4" to the neckline. I also made a neck facing for it. To the back I will add 1/8" so I have a bit more to turn back for the snaps to be sewn onto. 
The grey knit is out on the table and my sleeve pattern is on it ready to pin down. I will but out the doll's t-shirt again and work only on the neckline and side seams. Once again, this is a trial as I want to get a good pattern. 
I also started reading and listening to the Couture Sewing Academy material while waiting for the Design Academy to start Feb. 1. I will spend a bit of time daily on it. I want to work on some of those skills and have a good understanding of the terms used. 


Saturday, I crocheted a shawl for the dolls out of the left over white yarn from a messy bun hat I knit. It fits a bit tight over the head so it will be put into the doll's own clothes. 
Yesterday, I crocheted a grey one and ran out of yarn. I will pick up another ball as I can use it for the dolls. This yarn really sparkles. 
I am just over three rows short on this one. The bit of blue showing holds the loop so it won't unravel. 
I started another messy bun hat last night. I love the color of the yarn in the skein. 
Though called Blue Moon, it reminds me of the sky. 
A couple of nights and it will be done. I do have enough to make one more or I can save it for the dolls. Decisions. 


It is the day to clean up the living room and front entry. I want to get it done so I can focus on the basement. I hope to cut out the sleeves for my t-shirt and work on it. The doll's t-shirt will be cut out and starched. 
Until the next time........................

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