Thursday, March 01, 2018

Two Done, One To Go

It was a lovely day with a high of 9C. The sun shone and it was warm when in it. Step around to the shade and it was cool. We will take it as it was nice. 


As it is March 1, I have this thing with the weather. Will March come in like a lion or a lamb. We will see.
Yesterday was a quiet day with a quick trip to order more synthroid. Laundry and other mundane chores until Weight Watchers. I was up last night by .5 lb. Got too confidant when I tried on smaller clothes and ate too much. Back to measuring and tracking. I have a goal that I would love to meet and it isn't a hard one to meet. I'll let you know if I meet it or not. 
The Spousal Unit had a busy day with a trip to a hardware store and helping unload Son's jointer. Add dinner of good homemade stew with Son and Grandson, he was a happy person. 


I finished the second doll's t-shirt and have decided to add 1/8" to the back so there is a 3/8" turn. More room for sewing snaps on to. 
I have drawn a higher neckline on Anna's t-shirt and will add to the sleeve length for long sleeves. I will do a mock up next week using a man's t-shirt. 
The third white t-shirt is cut out ready for rhinestones and then sewn up. I need to get a tub out for Laura's wardrobe. Once that is done, I will make Kate 2 necklaces before I stitch up the jeans. 


I cast on and am knitting another Newsboy cap using the leftover yarn from Daughter's last messy bun hat. I am planning a pattern for the dolls using the yarn and am designing in my head while I knit. 
I also have the bright colored yarn from the first messy bun hat I can use also. I am knitting down the stash bit by bit. 
I brought this Sidar Snuggly yarn out to knit the dolls sweaters. 
I am not a huge fan of acrylic but I do have several brands I will knit with. This is one of them. 
I have a lot of it so can do several different styles. And probably 3 of each. 


I am adding walking to the mix today. Right after lunch so I get a bit of exercise three times a week for the next couple of weeks. I will get some sewing done plus some housework. 
Until the next time.....................

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