Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Little Bling Goes A Long Ways

Yesterday was a sunny, windy, and cool day. It was certainly nice to see the sunshine though. Today we are to see clouds and snow flurries. 


We chose to go out for a drive yesterday. After we stopped and got the thread I needed, we went back a kilometer to the round about and headed towards the New Minas Basin. We drove along it saying we could be lost but as long as the Basin was on the left hand side of us we should be okay. It was a beautiful drive and we finally ended up in Hantsport. We drove down the old road, crossed the freeway, went through Falmouth and into Windsor. We never cease to love looking at the old homes in the area. 

We drive by this house every time we go to the library and I photographed it yesterday on our way home. We took the library route home. 


While picking up thread and buttons at the Discount Fabric store, I happened to see a tiny sized Nova Scotia tartan in cotton. I will have to go back and get some for skirts for the dolls. 
Sewing happened in the morning and I was excited to get at it. An idea had been brewing since waking up. It was playtime using the rhinestone stash. I quickly sewed the shoulders together on Anna's t-shirt and began to play. I had a design in 5 minutes. 
I did a repeat design on Kate's t-shirt which I proceeded to finish. The pattern needs tweaking as it fits too large. 
I had to make 3/8" side seams, turn the back 1/2" and cut off 1/2" from the bottom. I made the sleeves straight across as I wanted to see how they would look prior to making long sleeves. 
I see a lot more rhinestones being used in the future. Maybe they will get used up as I have thousands of them. Most are clear so will have to figure out how to use them on the doll's clothes. 


I finished up another Newsboy cap on 4mm needles and it is too big for Kate. 
I got the front to look good but the back is very slouchy. 
Anna loved it and wants it for a barn cap. All we have is a shed which is called a baby barn in the Maritimes. 
Maybe one day she will get a horse and keep it in there. 
I started another one in a soft fluffy yarn on 3.5 mm needles. 
I have enjoyed knitting for the dolls as I am stretching my learning. I am now using the mattress stitch when sewing up the hats. I do a gauge when I start a new project with new yarn and needles. 


 I would love to finish Anna's t-shirt and cut out a third one ready to sew. I have to get more synthroid and do laundry. 
Until the next time.....................

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