Friday, March 16, 2018

More Wool! Yikes

Yesterday morning was glorious; sunshine galore. In the afternoon, it was snow flurries and wind. 


With the sun shining we decided to head out to New Minas in the morning. We had a few things to do but we really wanted to be out due to the weather being perfect. We were happy we made the decision to go in the morning. 


I spent the afternoon finishing up Kate's dress. It turned out fitting her quite well after taking in the side seams to 3/8". I know what I will do differently the next time I make it. In all it is a nicely drafted pattern for 18" dolls. 
Anna wore her new shoes that arrived two days ago. Kate's shoes have been in their bag for a year now. 
I also made Anna a necklace. The beads are a mixture of shiny and dull and were perfect for this outfit. I used clear seed beads between the larger beads. 
Next up is tops and capri length leggings for the Easter weekend. Anna wants a chain necklace to wear with this outfit. 


One of our stops was to the wool shop in Wolfville. I wanted to buy Karbonz double pointed needles which they don't carry. Instead I walked out with yarn. 
This yarn I wanted as I love the color way. It isn't denim but so beautiful. The colour is Agave. I know it will go with some items of clothing I want to make for myself. I see a shawl to wear with a lovely blue faux suede jacket I have percolating in my mind. 
I will probably buy another skein of it next month. 
I also bought these two skeins of yarn to make Anna a petticoat and over dress. If I can reverse the colors, I will make two of each. 
These are not for sale items as this wool is expensive and you would never recoup your cost. 
I knit on Kate's white cotton sweater and have 10 to 11 rows left to finish the first sleeve. It fits her and looks nice with her dress. 
I also knit on the dishcloth and need to continue working on it at home and at Fibre Ops. I really want to start a new project even if it is another dish cloth. I have so many projects I want to knit. But I am a person who can only handle two projects on the go at a time. I am also a person who likes to use up every inch of yarn before I start new balls. I am trying to break that habit but it is really hard. 


It is Fibre Ops at the library and I have a bunch of hand sewing to do in the afternoon. I also need to get groceries. 
Until the next time...............

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