Friday, March 23, 2018

A Blizzard Near the End of March

We had snow yesterday. I imagine there was at least 12" or maybe more fell. The wind blew and there was some freezing rain. There is ice on some of our windows. 


The beginning of the storm.
After watching the snow fall all day, we decided to clean off the driveway after dinner. We started out wading up to the shed to get the shovels and after a half hour of shoveling we got out the snow blower. Job done in another 30 minutes. We have to go out and shovel about 3" off the driveway this morning. We have been watching people dig their way out this morning using shovels and snowblowers. 
The wind blew and you can see it on the deck railing. A foot of snow at one end and 3" at the other end. The deck is full of blown snow. The debate is shovel or leave it to melt. I may shovel a pathway and do the stairs. 
I have to go out this afternoon and pick up a knitting DVD from the library and make doctor appointments for the Spousal Unit and myself. 


I worked on Kate's top. I took my time sewing it together and putting in the elastic. I have the side seams, hem, waist gathering, and back closure left to do and it will be done. Then on to Anna's top and two necklaces.
I played with a back drop for the dolls. It is a roman shade in the family room. 
It works but I have to use the flash on the big camera as the lighting is horrid. The pot lights cast a real yellow light on the dolls. 
I have to clean off the cutting table after Anna's top is done so I can start pulling fabrics for April's projects. Two adult items are in the line up along with some doll clothes. 


I am enjoying knitting when the weather is horrid. I worked on the red sweater and will get it done in the next couple of days. Then it will be onto finishing up the blue sweater. I have one sleeve to knit but put it down as I am thinking about it as it seems a bit small. I am still thinking of it as a longer top that closes to the waist. 
I have 30 rows knit on sock #1 of grandson's socks. 
It is an easy mindless knit at the moment. Round and round we go in K2, P2. I have a lot more rows to knit before I can start the heel flap. That is where I will learn a new technique for knitting that part of the sock. 


We are going to shovel snow and then I will sew and knit. I hope to get this afternoon if the main road is plowed. It should be done sometime later this morning. 
Until the next time.........................

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