Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Fleece Tie Blanket

After 4 days of blowing, the wind is dying down. Now it is suppose to snow starting tonight. Typical spring weather I was told by a local yesterday. The temperature is hovering near freezing and we both hate being outside. 


With the windy weather, we have both been hibernating in the house. Yesterday, we had to go to the hospital so the Spousal Unit could give blood for his check up. The results will be faxed to Kelowna next week. 
I have been doing housework as there is white fluff everywhere. It replaces the brown dust we got in the west. I will be done tomorrow with the housework and will have the weekend off. 
Elliott has had a couple of days of snuggling next to me (or should I say all over me). His next move will be to avoid me so I enjoy his snuggle days. 


I finished the doll's jeans yesterday. I thought I had to get another spool of thread but didn't in the end. Anna is modeling the extra pair I made. 
They will wear them for a few days prior to me sewing on buttons at the center front of the waistband. 
I spent some time cleaning off the cutting table. I put the next three items to be made in this colour way in a basket and the Easter dresses in another basket after we found a pattern that suited Kate. Everything else was put away neatly and the fleece was prepped. 
I watched this video clip on how to tie the blanket the way I wanted. It is very simple to do.  
Getting the fabric ready was the biggest job. I laid the fabric one on top of the other, cut the big selvage edge off separately, clipped the fabric together and then cut the rest of the blanket into a rectangle shape. 
When that was done, I cut a 5" square out of the first corner and then started cutting 1" piece by 5" long up the end of the blanket. I did exactly as she shows in the video and have the under fleece showing on the top of the fringe. 
One end is done, another 5" square cut out and I have started up one side. I did not measure the blanket for length or width. The first end was perfect in measurement. I will figure out the length if it is part of an inch. I can cut the last 8 strips a bit larger if necessary. I figure there is 5 to 6 hours of tying left in this blanket. 


A second messy bun hat for the doll was knit using the same Unforgettable yarn but in another color way. 
This hat has more pattern and less ribbing at the top. The hole for the ponytail is smaller. 
These hats do not fit Kate as her hair is hard to put into a messy bun or high up ponytail. 
I am on the third go of making one in knitting worsted yarn. The first go I had too few stitches and ripped it out. Went to smaller needles and more stitches and this one was too small. Now back to original needles and cast on stitches. It is looking okay so we wait and see what it looks like in 12 more rows. If okay, the pattern gets cleaned up and sent to the tester. Then I'm on to 2 more projects. Sweaters for the doll's Easter outfits.
I got a free pattern for socks from Ravelry. Hermoine's Everyday Socks and there is a series of videos showing how they can be made on a 9" circular needle. I have watched the videos and there are others by the same person for beginners sock knitting. I chose Hermoine's socks as the heel is an adaption to how I do my socks. I have wool chosen and need to do a gauge swatch to order the correct size needles. 
I did watch a bunch of videos on knitting socks while Craftsy had them on for free for the weekend. Gauge swatches and socks were my main priority. I learned a few things which I like. One was how to avoid holes in the heel/gusset part of the sock when you join back into the round. I need to set up another pair of socks for grandson so I can try that technique out. 


The goal is to clean the front entry, do more on the tie blanket, and knit the doll's hat to completion. 
Until the next time......................

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