Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Decision Time

It is still cool with wind. Our one good thing has been the sunshine for 2 days. Today is the last day before it starts snowing again. We have a warning out for two days of snow and then flurries. 


I headed back to bed yesterday morning and slept for over an hour. I wasn't feeling well and thought I may have a touch of the flu. Once I got up the second time, I cleaned up some of the house. It was time to get rid of the white fluff and cat hair. 


I started sewing capri length leggings for Anna. I folded the top down an extra 1/8" by accident so they will be low rising capris. I have enough fabric left in the leggings to cut out one more pair. I may do the longer length. 
I have been deciding on what to do about selling the doll clothes I am making. I have waffled between craft bazaars and an Etsy store. I have waffled between doing patterns and clothing. I am close to a decision and am leaning towards an Etsy store. 
The Etsy store allows me to reach more people and to sew for both American Girl and Gotz dolls. I can sell outfits or ensembles vs single items of clothing. I love to put together and sew ideas for the ensembles. It also allows me to design patterns for Gotz dolls. There are very few patterns out there for these dolls. I can choose to sell patterns or just sell what I design. The opportunities are greater with the Etsy store. 


As I wasn't a huge ball of fire yesterday, I chose to knit. The sweater with the beads is now ready for a lifeline to be added. 
I added one more row of beads after taking this picture. I plan on adding beads to the bottom of the body and sleeves. The life line is added in case I need to unknit and add one more row of beads. I already have another idea for beads for when I do it in another color. The details are worked out already. 
I also chose to work on another sweater for the dolls. It is an easy knit. I am ready to knit 4 rows of ribbing and do the sleeves. 
Both of these sweaters will be a part of ensembles. The red sweater will have a cardigan in red of which I will add a row of beads to it. There will be black slacks and skirt to go with the sweater set. 
The blue sweater will be more casual. I see blue jeans, t-shirt with bling and a purse. Both are sized for Gotz dolls but are easy to make for American Girl dolls. 


I am heading out to Bedford to shop. I want to be done shopping before the bad weather hits as I will be house cleaning, sewing and knitting while I watch what I hope is the last of the winter storms. 
Until the next time..............................

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