Monday, March 26, 2018

Bring On Spring

It is cool out there at -10C but the sun is shining. That and the warm temperatures are so exciting after the grey days we have had. Bring on spring, Mother Nature. 
Will Spring be here for Easter?


When snow blowing on Thursday and shoveling on Friday, I, once again, hurt my right shoulder. It has been quite painful and I rested it with heat yesterday afternoon. Still sore this morning but I can do more than I could yesterday. 


I finished up Anna's top yesterday morning. I do like the wrap dress at the tunic length and will be making it as time goes on. 
I sewed on buttons to complete all their outfits and they had fun modeling for me. 
Anna chose to sit for one of her pictures. 
They both put on their sweaters that I made for their dresses. 
Anna's fits her perfectly but Kate's is a tad large. Maybe it will shrink when washed. 
With the Easter outfits done, I will be cleaning up the sewing room and getting April's projects out. My plan is to make the Spousal Unit a shirt, myself a t-shirt, and finish the dolls' Spring 6 PAC. I got some new patterns for Kate for her part of the wardrobe. Still thinking about Anna's as I want to make a western shirt. 


The red sweater has been cast off and the first sleeve has one row of beads knit into it. I need to try it on Anna and decide if I can make the sleeve 2 rows longer before I do the ribbing. 
The blue sweater has the second sleeve cast on and several rows knit on it. 
Grandson's socks have had 5 more rounds knit on it. I am slowly working my way down the leg. No knitting was done yesterday as my shoulder was too sore to knit. 


My goal is to clean up the sewing room and put out April's projects. That includes getting out the patterns. If my shoulder allows, I may bead a necklace in blue for Kate. 
Upstairs will be tidied up and laundry done. We need to take a rocking chair downstairs so I will suck up the pain and help do that. I won't be knitting today as I want my shoulder to have one more day of resting. 
Until the next time...........................

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