Friday, March 30, 2018

Cheerful Flowers

Yesterday we saw a lot of sunshine and it was lovely. The wind was a bit cool but it didn't deter us. Today is suppose to be warm and wet. 


We had a busy day in all at our house. We headed out early to get Daughter-in-law flowers as a thank you for all she does for us. We arrived as the store was putting out new bouquets so we had fun looking at what they had. 
I got a birthday bouquet from Daughter. It is lovely and on display in our dining room. 
My beautiful cut glass vase is still packed so I used a bodum canister for a vase. It looks quite good. 
Roses, lilies, daisies , carnations and more are in this arrangement. 
We walked around our yard after lunch and decided where we will put pots of flowers for this year. We love lots of punches of color so will be using quite a bit of red in the pots. Ideas are flowing and we are excited to start later in April. We will be doing landscaping at our Son's place also so will be happy doing what we love. 
The Spousal Unit happily moved things from the garage to the shed. We will put together the BBQ and once it is on the deck, he can start cleaning up his space and put things away. 


I puttered in the sewing room and cut out a 2 piece dress for Anna and laid out jeans for both Anna and Kate. I still have to figure out what to make for Kate and will be looking at patterns today. The fabric for people clothing is ready and waiting on the table. 


I finished winding Daughter-in-law's skeins of yarn and they will be returned to her tonight. She has some lovely yarn to knit up. I will now wind mine as needed. 
I knit on Grandson's socks last night. I have 5 rounds left to go before I start the other sock and knit the leg of it. 
I love the yarn as it is so soft to knit with but stands up to him wearing them for over a year. This is the Edmonton Oiler's colors which is part of the Hat Trick colors. I will be ordering it and the Edmonton Eskimo colored yarn (part of the Touch Down series). I have enough yarn to make him 2 more pairs of socks so will have a stash of yarn for his socks. 
April's knitting is taking shape. I have the red long sleeve sweater to knit and 2 slips for the dolls. 
I have decided to take the time and redo the Learn to Knit course before I decide on what I will do for other course work. Will I do a basics course and continue to work on knitting techniques or do a sweater course or both. What ever I do, I will have to fit my other knitting in so I can do fun knitting. 


I will be playing in the sewing room. Cutting out doll clothes and knitting. It is damp and windy outside. 
Until the next time................. 

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