Thursday, March 15, 2018

After The Storm Thoughts

We survived the last storm. The wind changed from NE to SE or SW and it blew hard. Temperatures are to dip for a few days. Maybe the end of March will be a lot nicer. As someone said, we are getting our winter weather in March. 


I had a nap yesterday afternoon. The wind banging against the house had exhausted me. I woke up feeling much better and ready to become a real person wind or no wind. 
I hit one mini goal at Weight Watcher's last night. I am down 15 pounds. The second one will be attainable if I keep focused. I continue to work on tracking the food I eat and keep talking positively if I blow a meal. But I still try to enjoy what I eat and not keep it to eating low calorie or free foods. 


Kate's dress is progressing with the skirt almost done. I have to take out the side seams and restitch them at 3/8" vs the 1/4" the pattern calls for. It helps the dress fit much better. 
For their Easter outfit, I will be adding a top and capri length leggings to the mix. The leggings will be black and the top in a polka dot of the bright yellow and white. Once they are done, it's back to the spring clothes in the aqua colors. 
April's projects are niggling in my mind. There could be a t-shirt for me, a shirt for the Spousal Unit, and more clothes for the dolls. 


Kate's sweater was huge on her. I stood back and read the information on the wrapper. The yarn weight is 2 not 1. I unraveled the sweater and knit it on a size smaller needles. Much better. I am ready to knit the sleeves once I sort my knitting needles out. 
I also knit on the dish cloth I have going for the Friday knitting at the library. It is time to get it done and on to the next project - another dishcloth vs socks for Grandson. I am itching to try out a couple of new ideas I have read about. 
I also hauled out the Downton Abbey yarn that had frustrated me back in January. I started out knitting a gauge swatch using the recommended needles. The gauge was off so I went up a needle. Perfect. Then I knit it in a smaller needle for a coat I want to knit. Perfect. The end result is I knit on one size larger needles than called for and new yarn needs to have a gauge swatch done on it. I have more Downton Abbey yarn which is finer than the one I swatched. I will be doing a gauge swatch on it as I would love to knit doll's dresses out of it. I have one idea floating in my head already. 


As it is sunny outside, we may go for a drive and get a set of knitting needles for me. I want to look at yarn for a few minutes to see if they carry the color I am looking for. I need to sort my needles prior to us taking a drive. 

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