Sunday, March 04, 2018

A Shopping I Went

The wind has been blowing hard for 24 hours as we must be on the edge of the storm that is hitting the east coast of the US. It was cool and damp but no rain, just a mist. Even the snowflakes melted before they hit the ground. 


I headed into Bedford yesterday and spent my gift certificates at Fabricville. More on that under sewing. The drive was easy and I figured it out. My copilot didn't have to help me much. 
We had to get Elliott more food and will be moving him from one dry food to another. He loves the new dry food so it won't be a hard change. 


Using gift certificates I got a bunch of items that I needed and wanted. The only thing I didn't photograph was the ribbon I got. 
I have enough to sew for quite a while. I only bought one piece of fabric - .5 m of a striped twill which I love and it was on sale. It will become slacks as I am not putting back pockets on and matching the stripes. 


I bought yarn as I want to knit doll sweaters and coats. I do not want to use my expensive yarn. Fabricville sells Paton's wool at a decent price and there were nice colors. 
The colors look near perfect using the shade of my body. These will be for coats. 
The red and one ball of the variegated are for sweaters and the remaining two balls are for socks for Daughter. She likes hand knit socks as much as Grandson. The last ones I made her are wearing out. That was nearly three years ago. 

Anna thinks she is laying claim to these yarns. A sweater and a jacket is her request. 
I am hoping to make a dress and a couple of hats from this yarn. I am not the biggest fan of acrylic yarn but am willing to try this out prior to using more expensive wool. 
This is the last wool I want to buy as I am saving my wool money to order yarn online. I have some that I want to buy for the dolls for next winter. 
In the meantime, I continue to knit. I finished a second messy bun hat in the grey and am onto the sunny color of the same yarn. Once that is gone, I will keep on knitting the rest of the acrylic yarn in my bag so it too will be gone. Then on to wool. I do like acrylic yarn to try out new patterns and lots of people will knit with it. I just like wool better as it knits nicer in my opinion. 


I want to sew and knit today. I also have to pay bills. Next week is house cleaning day which cuts into sewing and knitting time. 
Until the next time..................

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