Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Is Arriving

It was sunny for two days and we loved it. The temperature got to +10C and it was warm. Today it is cloudy and trying to rain. Just a light mist. I am sure this will help rot the snow. 


With all the sun, we turned off the upstairs heat pump and opened the windows. The house smelled so good from that and we enjoyed it immensely. 
Elliott loves to sleep in the sunshine and will spend a lot of time moving around as the sun moves. 
When the windows are open, he loves to look outside and listen to all the noises. 
The Spousal Unit started to shovel the snow to the shed and it had a thick layer of ice on the top. He quit as it was heavy going. He went back in the afternoon to finish up and where the sun was shining, the snow has melted. The shady side of the house is still full of snow. 
I felt good enough that I cleaned the house over the two sunny days. Everything was moved and swept and dusted. It feels so much cleaner in here. The chair and ottoman arrive today and we are ready. Once it is here, I will clean the stairs. 
I am still fighting pain in my back due to the strained muscles. The shoulder only hurts when it is tired. I have eaten my way through the pain and will have a good gain tonight at Weight Watchers. I will start again tracking what I eat and getting outside to walk on nice days. 


I got the cutting table cleaned off except for 5 skeins of wool I need to wind. I also swept the floor. As I was so sore, I sat and made Anna a pearl necklace and Kate a blue one. It was about all I could handle on Monday. 
Yesterday I pulled out April's projects. 

  • 3 meters of shirting fabric to make the Spousal Unit a shirt.
  • 2 meters of flannel to make grandson pj bottoms
  • 2 meters of fabric to finish up the doll's aqua and peach wardrobe. 
I still have to make myself a t-shirt in April. 
Anna's peach/aqua wardrobe pieces have been decided upon. She will get
  • aqua denim shorts and jeans
  • aqua floral crop top with lace trim on the bottom and skirt
  • a shirt or top out of an aqua and peach print.
This is where the idea came for the crop top and shorts.
It was a Pinterest find which I am taking my spin on. 
Kate's wardrobe is tickling in my mind. I know she will get
  • aqua denim jeans and possibly a skirt
  • shirt from aqua and peach print with a dress
  • simple top from aqua floral print 
Once I get these items done (April sewing), I hope to make the girls Laura and Mary Ingalls' dresses. I am thinking I will do some vintage sewing for Kate and work on some pattern drafting for Anna. I will have to make necklaces for the vintage matching dresses. All in the collection so nothing needs to be bought. 


I haven't knit for 2 full days. I hope to start again tomorrow and get the two doll sweaters done. That way, I will only have grandson's socks on the needles and I will cast on a long sleeve sweater for Anna. I plan on doing a rolled i-cord edging on the front of the sweater rather than knit button bands. I will do beads along the front and the bottom of the sweater. Will probably do beads around the wrists also. 
I have realized that I need to work on two projects at a time. More than that has me frustrated as I can't get to them all. Grandson's socks got set aside until the two sweaters are done. 
When the red long sleeve sweater is done, I will cast on knitted slips for under the vintage dresses. They are a simple pattern and I will get a ball of white yarn for them.  


I hope to get the shorts completed and the crop top and matching skirt cut out. I have a bit of knitting to clean up and put away. Other than that, it is a day waiting for the chair to arrive. 
Until the next time......................... 

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