Thursday, March 29, 2018

Knitting Projects for March Completed

It was grey and damp yesterday but there was very little wind. We didn't mind the weather yesterday after two days of sunshine. It is suppose to be sunny today with a high of 9C. Spring is slowly coming.


The new chair arrived yesterday morning and I have had 3 minutes to sit in it. The Spousal Unit has claimed it as his. 
He loves it in front of the window as it is bright when he is reading. 
We changed the long cushion on the couch but we are thinking of having it made into a regular cushion and the support underneath made into an ottoman. 
Everything has tinfoil on it due to Elliott wanting to claw things. My goal is to paint this house in a griege color. Greige is a new color combination of beige and grey. 
We returned books to the library yesterday as all stores will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We are getting ready for the weekend. It was nice and warm outside even though it was raining. 


I didn't sew yesterday as I was busy doing other things. I did peek at the shorts I am sewing on and put the pins in the crop top pattern. 


I spent some time in the afternoon knitting on the doll's blue sweater. The yarn is Sidar and the color is Blueberry Mousse. The color is no longer available. 
The sweater is Billie Premature Baby Jacket and is free. It is knit from the top down. I love the ribbing at the waist. 
If I wanted to make it part of an outfit with a top, I would go up a needle size. The pattern calls for 4mm needles and I used 3.5mm. 
I also finished the red short sleeve sweater with the beads on it. It was fun to learn how to add beads using a crochet hook. 
Next up is to make the cardigan for a sweater set. The twist on it is to make the front bands into an i-cord band. Saw it on a video by Lucy Neatby and have to try it. 
I will spend this weekend knitting on grandson's socks and cast the sweater on April 1. 


I am hoping to sew the shorts and start pinning and cutting out April's projects. If the sun is shining this afternoon, I am thinking of going out for a short walk. I need to start walking every chance I get. 
Until the next time...........................

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