Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cleaning and Organizing

We are having a lovely day with warmth and sunshine. It certainly makes us happy. 


Yesterday I started to clean the family room. I wiped, swept and washed about half the floors. I crawled under the stairs to figure out how to organize that area. 
In the afternoon we had our grandson over to help the Spousal Unit put together two more garden boxes. After they were set up, lined with plastic, and had a bag of dirt put in each one, we got two more bags of dirt for each box. Now we need another brand of dirt to finish them up. When all was done, we then headed out to buy dinner to have with Son and Daughter-in-Law as they spent the day working around their pool. Grandson and I got it all done and it was fun.
This morning, the Spousal Unit and I hauled down everything that goes under the stairs. It is all in plastic tubs or up off the floor but two boxes. I will get a shallow tub to set them into. The wreath bag and a fall sign will be hung up. 

We have a couple of cans of paint and the shop vac to store in there. I have to think of a way to hang the shop vac hose. The tools can be stored in a plastic tub. 


I have the sewing room cleaned up and the door handles on the doors. I gathered up all the tubs of notions, etc. and put them on the shelf. 
There is nothing on the floor as a cube on legs is going into that space. It will have tubs of stuff stored in it (8 of them) and the top will have trays of projects to be sewn. I am very happy with what I have got done. 
I'm still thinking of ideas to sew with the fabrics I have in the stash. My latest inspiration is Belle. 
The pattern I like is this one. I may add the ruffle at the neckline. (Or I can draft my own).
I can see yellow shoes, bag, and a simple sweater. The sweater could be in a variegated yarn. 


I didn't knit last night as I was tired. I read my book and fell asleep on the couch. I need to get out the yarn and needles to do a gauge swatch for the new pattern. I also need to cast on the scarf and start knitting it. There is over 100 rows in it. 


This afternoon, I will continue to clean the family room and get it ready for the company to move our belongings back into it. I will have the bathroom and utility room to clean after that. I'm hoping tomorrow it will be done. I feel my OCD kicking in the closer we get to being done. Moving our belongings in will fill chaotic and unorganized. I am hoping I can let it go and know I have to finish up the organization when everyone is gone. And then I have the upstairs to deal with when it is empty of the extra stuff. 
Until the next time..............................

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