Tuesday, May 14, 2019

An Off Day

Yesterday was cloudy and gray until after dinner. Then the sun shone like crazy. Today started out sunny but we are to get rain by noon. 


We were both cold and cranky yesterday. Not sure why but it was an off day for both of us. Could be living in cramped quarters with nothing going on in the house. 
The contractor called and he wants to be here by Friday to start installing trim. That helped us perk up a bit knowing we will see action in the basement soon. 


I'm waiting to see what my thyroid is doing. My aches and pains are almost gone but I'm feeling tired behind the eyes. I've had such a good run with feeling great that I'm sure I'm going low. Such is my thyroid. My weight is also bobbing around and it will show up on the scales Wednesday. 


I got the vast majority of the sewing put away. Just lace trims and sewing machine left to go plus put some fabric into a plastic bag to make it easier to haul downstairs. I can also put some into baskets that have dried out. 
I am also going to get the fabrics ready to start sewing once the sewing room is set up. I have a couple of tutorials I want to do. 
This outfit is still on the top of the list using a basic dress pattern (I can tutorial the bodice). I have enough lavender yarn to make a simple sweater with a cute white button on it to go with the dress or a second one as I have enough fabric for 3 dresses. 
This dress may have a red sweater with the red buttons on it. Or it may have a knit bolero to go with it. The dress will be the same pattern as the above one. 


I did a lot of knitting yesterday and have 38 rows of beads done. Fourteen rows of beading left to go and it is finished. 
A close up of the beads. 
There are 28 stitches per row that I have to pay attention to and the rest of the rows are plain knit. Once done, I have grandson's socks to knit prior to starting new projects. I keep repeating this to myself as I knit. No new projects until these ones are done. 


We have to get our hair cut and then we can do what ever we want after that. I'm going to put stuff into baskets for moving back downstairs. Can you tell I'm ready to have the basement back again. 
Until the next time...............................

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