Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sewing Room Cleaned Out

We are having the side effects of Hurricane Florence here. She has pushed up warm air and it is quite warm in our neck of the woods. No rain or wind, just warmth and the a/c is on. Yesterday got to 28C and today could be just as warm. 


Thursday we were out the door to do more shopping. It was warm and we came home quite tired. I got the bed made before I walked out. I have been very good about cleaning up the kitchen on a nightly basis. That has been a nightly habit for a long time. 
Yesterday morning, I took the time to

  • make the bed
  • dust the bedroom
  • wipe down sinks and toilet in bathroom
  • wash bathroom floor
  • put away dishes, tidy counters in the kitchen
  • wash kitchen floor
  • sweep dining room floor
  • put on a load of laundry that is ready to fold. 
I looked around and saw lots to be done and know I should do it. So I did something I needed to do for a while. I made of list of all the meat in the downstairs freezer. We have about 14-16 days of meat left. We will be eating chicken every other day if we have to go that long before I buy more meat. Probably not. We do need to use up some of the meat prior to buying more. At least we can keep track of the meat as we use it. No more guessing what's down there. 


One of the stops we made Thursday was to buy fabric to ship to Daughter in BC. I kind of fell off the wagon as I bought some also. 
This is for a western shirt. I hear the girls in our area are asking where they can buy shirts in Alberta. 
For another shirt. Double yoke and some accent parts. The body will be the mint green in the print. 
I put this fat quarter on the table but think it will become overalls or jeans for the dolls. 
Yesterday, I spent 2.25 hours finishing up the sewing room. Other than large furniture, it is cleared out. The Spousal Unit now needs to take of the moldings and baseboards and I need to remove all the covers off the switches and plug ins. 
Did a vision come come to me as I cleaned the room? No it didn't. I hope it comes when I paint it. I do know that I need to sew lots and not let this room get so dirty. Found it quite disgusting. 
Another pattern has come out that I would love to test. I am going to cut it out and sew it up while I wait for the room to be ready to paint. 


We are going to the fall fair. it runs this weekend and next weekend. We are going for 3 days of the 5 it runs. Today it is to see the entries put in by people and to watch some of the barrel racing. 
Until the next time.............................

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