Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Crafty Afternoon

Yesterday was another hot day. It got to 29C with a humidex of 31C. We both sweat and felt very tired from it. It is suppose to be as hot again today and then rain on starting tonight. 


I was in and out of Dartmouth in 3 hours. I got everything done. Truly amazing. I did make the bed before I left and that was all. I was on a mission when I left -- the thought of it being hot was making me move fast. 
I did another solar light after I got home. They are very simple to do. I use plain glass narrow mouth jars as I don't want the brand name showing. Just me. These cost 4.50 each which is expensive. If I wasn't so fussy, I 'd buy a dozen canning jars for the price of 2 jars.
 You will need the jar, a cheap solar light for the yard and some foam tape that is sticky on both sides. 
Remove the screw band and lid. I put the lid in a pile as I'm deciding if I will keep them or not.
I put some clear glass blobs that I bought from Walmart into the bottom so it gives them more stability and they shine pretty when the light hits them.
Pull the lamp head off the base and remove all stickers and tags. 
Test your lamp head to see if it fits well in the bottle. Mine is too small and slides down the neck of the jar. If that happens, wrap foam tape around the top of the lamp silver thing so it will attach to the jar. 
Peel off the green protective paper and you are ready to put it into your jar. 
Once in, screw on the cap and it is ready to charge up and let shine on your step or patio at night. The three looked very pretty last night. 
I also did a second display on the front step. I bought 2 bunches of flower and had a third one in the house. I spread the flowers out from the big stem at the bottom. I shoved the white one in to the middle of a pot of dirt. (this pot was bought with greens in it for Christmas and we planted flowers in it for the summer). On each side, I shoved in the cranberry flowers. I fiddled with the flowers to make them look like they are mixed up. When I liked what I saw, I quit. I put two solar lamps in front and said "Done".
Our boards are to be replaced; we are still waiting for a quote. 
And we are happy and just about ready to celebrate fall. Then I had a thought and we had to find the antique skein winder after dinner. 
This thing has been in my family for nearly 150 years and is hand carved. It comes in today before it rains. 
A different time of the day and much brighter in front of the house. I need to get a wreath hanger for the front door and hang our lovely wreath that Daughter made. Here is a picture from last December of it. 
Nothing else got done as tomatoes were picked and delivered before dinner. After dinner I did do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen. I wasn't a total flop at keeping the house tidy. 
Until the next time...............................

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