Friday, June 01, 2018

Projects Completed

Yesterday was warm and sunny. The high got to 25C. Today is suppose to be warmer and just as sunny.


We headed out to New Minas to get a few things in the afternoon. It was just too nice to stay at home. We didn't do any side trips as I had to get a prescription filled. 
I have been doing well monitoring what I eat. By accident, I ate 3 points too much yesterday but still lost weight. One dish we are enjoying is chopped tomato, cucumber, and onion with calorie wise greek dressing. Our version of a greek salad. 


I finished the Edwardian walking suit. It was a difficult pattern with directions that were scarce in some parts. 
I will redo the skirt pattern as I will use it again. The jacket maybe. 
This month I need to finish the Spousal Unit's shirt and make 2 doll's dresses out of the remaining fabric. I also have to make the Edwardian clothes. This week is a bathing suit. 
I'm not sure but I think there are two more items to sew after this one. 


I finished the American Girl doll size sweater. It was an easy knit as I had the pattern memorized though I did have to unknit for missed button holes. 
The three pieces plus leggings are sold and will be shipped next week. 
June is knitting two white bolero sweaters plus working on the Russian dress. If time, I would love to set up socks for Daughter. I need to get more socks knit. 


Housework is calling long and loud and clear. I need to obey the call and clean the house. If all goes well, I will sew for an hour on the Spousal Unit's shirt. 
Until the next time..........................

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