Monday, June 11, 2018

Edwardian Sailor Suit Completed

Though the weather has been nice, we have had frost warnings for several nights. Last night we got a touch of frost. 


We went to watch grandson play soccer on Saturday afternoon. He played his position well and we were proud of him for that. 
We rushed out last night to cover the plants as the temperature was dropping about 1C an hour. When will the frost end we keep asking. It certainly has been a cool spring here. 


Week 4 of the Edwardian Summer Sew Along was a Sailor's dress. It was a finicky sew due to the pleats in the bodice and skirt. It was a one stitch at a time sew using scraps from the Spousal Unit's shirt. 
The next time, if there is one, I will make the sleeves larger as they are tight on Laura's arms. Everything else fit fine. I really had a hard time finding a fabric I liked and am glad I used this one as it is really nice. 
There is enough fabric left over to sew a dress for one of the girls. It depends on which doll gets to wear the Mirabella bolero. The dress will be basic with ribbon trim around the bottom. When done, the scraps will be tossed as I can say I really used this fabric to the bitter end. 
The test pattern will be started today. I have to lay out two more pattern pieces before cutting out the top. I have to hunt for the zipper in the stash. 


I knit the first Mirabella borelo to the sleeves and it was so big. Even on my American Girl doll. 
 I went up a needle size like I always do. I do love the edging which is just 4 rows. That one got tossed into the trash can as I wrecked it trying to ravel it out. The second attempt using the correct size needles is much better. 
It is ready for the edging. I will finish it before deciding if it stays as a pattern for outfits. I have another pattern picked out if it doesn't though I may use it also.  


I have made one outfit and sold it. I have no other outfits for sale. I am still pattern testing as I want good patterns to knit and sew. I have to move forward and get inventory. I have decided that 


  • I will use the leggings patterns I have tested and love. Two lengths and lots of fabric to use. 
  • T-shirt patterns need to be tweaked before I can cut them out and test again. Again, I have lots of fabric I can use for them plus lots of crystals to bling them up with. 
  • Dress patterns are ready to go. One is tested and the other has been tested by others. Very simple sleeveless style with a full skirt. I can add lace, ribbon, rick rack, and other trims I have on hand. 
  • I have one summer hat pattern that is cute and fairly easy to make. 


  • I have one cardigan pattern I can knit using a fine yarn. They take longer to knit but look nice on the dolls. I need to find a cardigan I like in a heavier yarn. I have a lacy one I will be testing next. The goal is to use it with leggings and t-shirts. 
  • The bolero is being tested and a pattern will be chosen. I want this pattern to wear with the dresses I plan on sewing. 
  • Hats -- no issue I have two or three I can knit. 
This should get me 20 outfits if I am careful and focus on the job at hand. 


I need to cut out the test pattern and start on it. I also need to work on the Spousal Unit's shirt and get the plackets done. Another day in the sewing room. 
Until the next time...........................

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