Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Edwardian Outfit #3 - Swim Suit - Finished

The weather got to about 16C yesterday and it cooled off to 5C and rained most of the night. It is suppose to rain for most of the day.


The frost killed 6 of the 8 tomato plants and 3 cucumber plants. We think the cold air got in under the plastic bags at the base of the tomato cages. We got 8 more tomato plants and have a bunch of cucumbers in another pot that didn't get touched. 
The air had a bite to it so we went out and covered the vegetable boxes just in case. There are lots of tender plants up and we don't want to loose any more to frost. The blankets are off so the plants can get watered by the rain. 
We have seen two pools go in and this is how they bring the water to fill them. 
The driver is skilled as he backed that vehicle back down our road to get out. 


The Edwardian swim suit was done by noon and Laura modeled it. She would not take the hat off until almost the bitter end. 
I put hook and eyes on the front to close it. The skirt is worn with the closure in the back.
With the hat worn with the brim up. 
With the brim of the hat worn down. 
The skirt is closed at the side this time. 
It was a fun sew. Am glad I got it done early this week as I want to clean up and sew on the Spousal Unit's shirt for a couple of days. 


I unknit all 15 rows that were wrong and got 2 rows done correctly on the dress. 


I am going to start cleaning up the sewing room and the family room. It is time to do that area. I also have wet blankets to wash and dry. 
Until the next time...........................

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  1. What a darling doll outfit. I want to come to your house and play with the dolls. :-)