Monday, June 04, 2018

And They Said Frost........

When they said frost last night, they meant frost. At 6 a.m. I snapped the temperature.  
It is clear and sunny and cold out there. 
The white on top of the blanket is frost. The blanket is covering the flower boxes that sit on the railing. 
At 7 a.m it was 1C.


We had a quiet day until about 2 p.m. Grandson and Daughter-in-law helped cover the vegetable boxes and I did the flowers. Tubs that could be put into the shed or garage were hauled inside and blankets, tarps, and bags were used to cover everything up. We did the same over at their house before dinner. 
We had a lovely Sunday dinner. Daughter-in-law made her first batch of dinner rolls and they were a great success. Roast beef dinner was wonderful also. 


I spent the day redoing the Edwardian swim suit pattern so it would fit Laura and Anna. I had to lengthen the pattern and redraw the lines. 
I did the same with the back at the same spot as the front. 
It worked well. I had enlarged the pattern to 107% and the only part that didn't work was the neck facing. The size was perfect but the shoulder seams didn't match up to the outer part. Minor issue. 
I used rick rack rather than soutache and got the swim suit ready for hook and eye closures. 
I have a skirt to make and chose this red and white stripe fabric. 
The hat and bag are from a store project and were a fun make. 


I'm back to unknitting the skirt and following the pattern. You increase every 4 rows (or 6 if you want a longer skirt) not every other row. I will do that before I start the next Knit A Long. 


I will be sewing today to finish up the swim suit. That gives me 3-4 days to sew on the Spousal Unit"s shirt. I have to spend the evening unknitting 15 rows. No huge plans for today. 
Until the next time..............................

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  1. I really like that maple leaf fabric It's soooo cheery. Darling clothes for the dolls.