Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Thatched Fence

Yesterday was quite warm at 25C and this morning it is raining as predicted. We need the rain so were happy to hear it early this morning. 


After a morning of frustration with the zipper, which was perfect until I closed it and the zipper pull came off, we headed out to get a new one. We decided to do another tourist drive on the way home. 
We had fun with Google Maps. Every time I asked for Sackville NS, it would give me Sackville NB. The only time it worked was when I was entering into the community. We drove through Lower, Mid, and Upper Sackville with Siri telling me every mile or so to turn left onto the highway. We wanted to do the tourist thing so ignored her. 
The drive was lovely with a few small lakes to look at. One had Canada geese and goslings in the turn out. Most of the houses are newer but we saw some beautifully kept places. Our favorite is up near our end of the trip. 
A thatched fence around a yard. We have seen this fence several times but I was able to take a picture yesterday. It is an old fence and still in great condition. 
The people put this fence around their property which is pretty amazing. 


As I said, my amazing zipper worked until I closed it. Off came the pull - thread stops don't work. I couldn't get a short nylon zipper so got a metal tooth one. I will put it in the top temporarily. I keep moving forward one step at a time. 


I tried the Mirabella bolero on Laura and it fits. It doesn't look too bad on her but it won't make the cut for sweaters sold. 
It will be added to our collection of clothes.
I also knit on the Russian dress last night and will keep going until it is the length I want it. I have lots of wool to use up. 
I also bought needles to start the next bolero but am waiting a day or two before I start on it. I want to knit a hat for Laura's dress and sweater first. 


I have to do what didn't get done yesterday. I did enjoy our drive yesterday and was glad we went. 
Until the next time...................................

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