Thursday, June 07, 2018

Shirt Progress

Once again we had a light coating of frost with a temperature of 1C at 6 a.m. It had cleared off after dinner after a day of being cloudy and cool. 


The last thing we did last night was to cover the plants. So glad we did. The sun is shining and the shed roof is steaming as the frost melts. It is warming up and today should be a lovely day. Or we hope it is. 
I was to Weight Watcher's last night and lost 3.2 lbs. I feel good that I lost most of what I had gained while I was absent. Hopefully I will lose more this coming week and keep on going down the weight loss ladder. 
I have also been planning our meals and we have been eating well the past week. We enjoy having a salad most nights. I am being super careful that I am eating within my points range. 


I cleaned the sewing room. It wasn't dirty but it sure was messy. I spent a couple of hours putting away items and fabric and organizing. Not the way I want it yet but it isn't a mess. I really noticed a difference in my mindset after it was cleaned up. 
The Spousal Unit's shirt is progressing. All the pieces are now cut out as is the interfacing pieces. The pocket flaps and button band was sewn on and the next step is the collar and collar band. I am really pleased with how it looks. Pictures after the collar is on. 
This week's Edwardian Summer Sew Along is a sailor suit. More pleats. I need to look for fabric for it and get started on it. Pleats take time to do correctly. 
I have been accepted to test doll patterns by a large independent company. It is a volunteer job but should be fun to make an outfit a month for them. The hardest part will be chasing a pattern. I can't show what I am making until after the release of the pattern so bear with me on this one. 


I am working on the Russian dress slowly. When I took a picture of it, I noticed the center of the top and the skirt do not match. I am not going to fix it as I have unknit the skirt so often I am sick of unknitting. The last time was for a dropped stitch. 
I started the Mirabella sweater and the body is a quick knit. In a short period of time, I got 3/4 of the body knit. The lace trim around the front will take time as you have to pick up 100 stitches. The sleeves should be easy. 


I have some laundry to do and will hunt for fabric for the Sailor's dress. I want to get the collar on the shirt. Once that is done, I feel like I am on the home stretch to completion. 
Until the next time.........................

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