Friday, June 08, 2018

Collar Band Sewing Hints

Though we had a lovely sunny day yesterday, it clouded over for rain today. The upside - it was warm last night. The first warm night we've had since our hot day. 


With the sunny weather, the Spousal Unit headed out to weed eat the yard and ditch. He was very busy as it was a big job. I had to go out and rushed home to make sure he had water to drink as he could have been dehydrated. After I brought Grandson home with me, they both worked in the yard; grandson mowed and the Spousal Unit did the weed eating. My job was to oversee and sweep the driveway. I was up and down stairs like crazy.
We were both so tired last night that the Spousal Unit slept for a good hour after dinner and I started falling asleep shortly before bedtime. Such a boring couple last evening. 


I worked on the Spousal Unit's shirt yesterday. The game plan was to put on the collar. I was pleased with it especially the curve on the collar band. 
My tools are the seam gauge and curve tool I have had for years. Not shown is a frixon pen that disappears with heat from the iron. Test on a scrap of fabric first as it could leave a white mark. 
I measure 5/8" from the edge and mark it on the interfacing. Just 3 dots -- two ends and one in the curve. 
Using the 30 mm curve, I draw it onto the collar band. 
Stitch along the blue line. I used a normal stitch length of 2.5 on my machine. You can use 2.0 which is a smaller stitch length. 
I trim the curved piece with pinking sheers and then cut the rest of the seam down with regular sheers. Turn, press, and you are ready to put the collar onto your shirt. 
I bought interfacing specially for shirts for this project and it is wonderful interfacing. I am still deciding if it is a bit heavy for the neckband and if I should have used my fusible knit instead. One thing I have learned while sewing is to mix and match interfacings when constructing garments. 
Though I have made this shirt pattern in many sizes and different fabrics, I am still learning about interfacings. I would use the shirt interfacing on the everything but the collar band at this point and put lighter interfacing on both collar band pieces. But, we will see down the road if I change my tune. 


I worked on the Miranda bolero. I got the fronts and back knit and cast off. I sewed up the shoulder seam (need to work on this technique) and picked up 100 stitches up the front, along the back and down the other front. Not fun when using regular knitting needles. No give like you get when using a cable needle. I will finish this sweater and decide if I will do another one or if I will find another pattern. I have two others in mind. One is a short sleeved bolero and the other is long sleeved. The short sleeved one has a lacy design on the yoke and the long sleeved one is garter stitch with short row knitting to make it have a unique design. 


Two doll's dresses and one testing outfit need to be cut out. I need to look for one piece of fabric for the test outfit. I will photograph the fabric later on. The Edwardian outfit needs to be cut out and started today.
Until the next time...........................

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