Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Edwardian Sew Along Completed

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day with a high around 25C. Today is going to be just as lovely. It is nice to have warm sunny days but we do appreciate rainy days also. 


Yesterday I got the kitchen cleaned up and it looked so nice. Cleaning a room a day is working for me. 
This morning the Spousal Unit had to give blood to check his CLL. This is done every 3 months like clock work. After that we did some shopping. 


After cleaning was done, I did a 5 hour sewing marathon of the Rainy Day dress. The challenge was a curved pleat down the from and back to shape the shoulders. I used one of my fashion design rulers to draw it on the fabric. 
It was really slick to do. Fold on the line and sew 1/4" away.  Iron and watch the marks disappear. Frixon pens are great. The pleats in the skirt were a repeat from last week so I flew through them. The little neckline piece wasn't hard, just time consuming. I did a bunch of hand basting to keep it in place. The end result was pretty good in my opinion. 
I did not make the belt as instructed but added a wider waistband to gather the bodice onto. Easier and it also gives me length that Laura's body needs. 
All of the outfits in one jpg. 
I am glad that the sew along is done though we will receive one more dress pattern for completing. I will probably make it if I can sew up the remaining fabric into something else. 
This morning, I cleaned up the work spaces ready to sew on the Spousal Unit's shirt. I need to be more focused on it and a doll's dress from the remaining fabric for the next 10 days. 


I decided last night to finish the Russian dress before I start any more projects. I knit 7 more rows and have started to cast off. This dress will need some heavy blocking on the skirt but it looks like it is going to be quite nice. 


I have set up a list of projects I need to finish and what I am going to start next. There is a plan -- doll's dress, hat and knit bolero. Microwave bowls for Christmas gifts. Finish knitting Billie Baby jacket after buying more yarn. Some of these will be moved forward to July's list. 


I am working on the Spousal Unit's shirt. Afternoon I will spend a bit of time casting off the dress as we will be going out to watch Grandson play soccer. 
Until the next time.........................

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